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About Geometric Deco

Geometric Deco was founded in Fort Worth, Texas by Courtney Bingham. Her unique artistic vision and playful use of Peyote Stitch led to the creation of a one of a kind collection of hand stitched jewelry. 

Drawing inspiration from the splendor of Southwestern culture and her love of the clean, crisp geometrical designs from Art Deco, each piece is made using the peyote stitch. Though traditional peyote stitch was used to adorn sacred religions objects among Native American and Egyptian cultures alike, beadworkers all over the world have celebrated this stitch for it's symmetrical beauty and versatility for thousands of years. Courtney's work is inspired by the amazing beadworkers that have come before her and hopes to inspire those looking to create in the future. No requests for African, South American or Native American duplications will be honored. If you wish to have a piece created in a particular style, please consider seeking master makers from Africa, South and North America.

All jewelry is individually created without the help of a loom; a process that can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours of meticulous craftsmanship. Each piece is free-hand without the use of a guide or template, ensuring that every pattern is unique. No two pieces are ever the same, unless requested.

All pieces use hypoallergenic materials and are nickel free. The thousands of glass beads used are high quality, Japanese Delica beads crafted to fit together with laser like precision.

Geometric Deco jewelry pieces are not only beautiful compliments to your wardrobe, they tell a story of art, color and design. Wear each piece as a statement.

This is unique jewelry. Seriously.